The old saying goes
that it’s easier to win the
first one than it is to repeat.
Wildcat Soccer can
give you firsthand accounts
on whether that old saying
is true or not and they took
the same route to win both
38th District titles.
In the first round, they
dispatched St. Patrick, 6-0,
then defeated Mason
County in the 38th District
Boys Soccer Tournament
Championship game, 4-1.
“Each title win has its
own challenges,” replied
Wildcat Varsity Coach
Aaron Harper. “We’ve beat
Mason in both of the wins
and coming into this years
championship game, I
knew they would be coming
out to try and take our
title. The boys were determined
not to let that happen.”
In both district tournament
games, the Cats
struck early and it was by
“We’ve focused all season
on starting strong.
Take the kickoff and press
high offensively at the start
to get the opposing team
on their heels and catch
them off guard.” Coach
Harper pointed out.
Against St. Patrick, it
was Senior Mike DeWald
who struck first after juggling
a pass from Conner
Harper then shooting it
past the Saints’ goalie.
Just minutes later, Conner
smacked one past the
goalie on the near post and
the lead was 2-0 just 15
minutes into the game.
Pendleton wasn’t done
as Grant Walsh played a
free kick that Jacob Cordray
converted into a shot
and a goal and the Cats had
full control of the game.
Three more goals in the
second half on a free kick
from Cordray for his second
goal of the game,
DeWald dribbling through
a host of defenders for his
second goal and Mitchell
Brinkdoepke tallied the
final goal in the 6-0 victory.
Two nights later in the
championship game,
Mason County was the victim
of the same quick
strike attack as Pendleton
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