By Keith Smith, Reporter
Pendleton County Deputy
Sheriff Cody Fasse
responded to an emergency
call concerning a domestic
dispute on Highway 22 this
past weekend according to
reports from the 911 Emergency
Dispatch Center.
This was not the first
time the Pendleton County
Sheriff Office has had to
respond to the home of
Dennis and Rose Howard,
as the father has a domestic
violence order against his
son, Vernon Howard.
According to reports,
Rose Howard called in that
her husband had shot her
son. The son and his girlfriend
had gotten into an
argument and the son started
to take it out on his dad.
The son was tearing up
the house while dad was
sitting against a wall with a
.22 rifle.
At some point, the dad
shot his son in the foot. He
took the magazine out and
put the gun on the ground
before law enforcement
arrived and there were no
other incidents.
Ray Dowers of the Falmouth
Police Department
responded to assist at the
scene. Pendleton County
EMTs and the Falmouth
Fire Department were also
dispatched as Vernon Howard
was Air Cared to an
area hospital.
The incident is currently
under investigation and
no charges have been filed
on anyone involved at this