By Ed Salerno, Reporter
Falmouth City Council,
on the recommendation of
the Personnel Committee,
began the unenviable task
of revamping the entire
personnel policy for the
employees of the City of
Falmouth at its Nov. 20,
2017 special meeting. In
an effort to tackle this project
in a methodical and
thoughtful manner and in
consideration of the
upcoming holiday season,
council began with the section
dealing with holidays.
As reported by City Clerk
Chrissy O’Hara, the report
council had in hand was
the result of the efforts of
the Kentucky League of
Cities (KLC), the Personnel
Committee and O’Hara.
As council agrees to
adopt each section they
must go back to KLC for
their review. As to the
details agreed upon by the
council with regard to holidays,
they included a list
and number of all paid
holidays, overtime as it
relates to holidays, when
one might not get holiday
pay, how much pay each
employee would get for
their holiday and the need
to refer to the details as set
out in the individual
department job descriptions.
Councilwoman April
DeFalco moved to approve
this particular section of
the personnel policy and
was seconded by Councilman
Alex Carson. Council
voted to approve the
As to other business,
council received a copy of
last months budget for
their review and each
department head will also
receive a copy of the budget
for their individual
department. It was noted
that this action, to be completed
each month, had not
been part of council policy
for some two years. In fact
until now, all these numbers
were always a bit
fuzzy for council members
and employees.
Lastly, council
approved the hiring of a
new auditor, Paul Maddox
and Associates to replace
Van Gorder, Walker &
Company. This will save
the city $3,000 to $5,000
per year. Maddox is not
new to the city as his firm
has worked for the city in
the past. That past experience
is most helpful as he
is familiar with all the
computer programs the
city uses.
The meeting was