The following individuals
from Pendleton County
have filled out the required
paperwork and announced
their decision to run for a
public office position in
the 2018 May Primary.
The names of the candi- dates and positions they
are seeking are listed.
• Alan Whaley, Magis- trate District 1, Rep.
• Edwin Quinn, Sheriff,
• Billy Todd Dennie,
Sheriff, Dem.
• Rick Mineer, Magistrate
District 4, Dem.
• Ken Kells, Jailer,
• David S. Fields,
County Judge Executive,
• Darrin W. Gregg,
Magistrate District 3, Rep.
• Bobby Fogle, Magis- trate District 3, Dem.
• Joshua Plummer,
Magistrate District 2, Rep.
• Christopher Thompson,
Magistrate District 3,
This list was provided
by the County Clerk’s
Office and it will be updated
as more people file for