School will be closed if special session on pension reform is called by Governor

By Ed Salerno, Reporter
Eric Clark of Kelly, Galloway, Smith and Goal- sby PSC, and the Pendle- ton County School Board
auditor, presented the
annual report on the finan- cial state of the district at
the Nov. 16, 2017 School
Board Meeting. The news
for the most part was good
showing an increase in rev- enue, due largely to
increased tax revenues,
debt reduction and the
movement of funds into
the general fund. The Food
Service funds showed an
increase as well. As to the
bottom line incoming rev- enue exceeded expenses.
This good news led the
board to accept Superin- tendent Anthony Strong’s
recommendation to
approve the audit as presented.
At the start of the meet- ing Darell Pugh, Principal
of Northern Elementary
School (NES), introduced
Heather Shields, Art
Teacher at NES who did a
report on her art program.
Shields presented a
small canvas and easel to
each board member from
her Art Club. She referred
to her program as disci- pline based teaching/artis- tic behavior. Each grade
did work connected to a
particular discipline. The
fifth grade worked on char- coal drawings, the fourth
grade made crystals, first
and second did guided
drawings, kindergarten
worked with pumpkin
expressions on pumpkin
faces, to name a few. Schields also pointed out
that parents can go to the
web site Artsonia to view
their children’s art, make
comments on it and pur- chase a variety products
with their children’s art
work on it, coffee cups for
example. In all, it was a
well received presentation.
Board members com- plimented Shields during
their comments portion of
the meeting and Dr. Strong,
during his report, noted
that the possible up coming
special session of the legis- lature dealing with pension
reform looks to be a com- promise debate between
the Governor’s proposal
and a variety of others.
During the audience
comments portion of the
meeting Reverend Dale
Beighle offered a beautiful
As to the action agenda,
the following items were
recommended by Dr.
Strong and approved by
the school board.
• The 2016-17 audit,
• The 2017-18 compre- hensive improvement plan,
• The BG-4 contract
closeout form for the work
at Pendleton County’s
High School and Middle
• BG-5 project closeout
for the NES Sanitary Sewer
• Resident contracts for
students from Harrison
County Schools coming to
Pendleton County Schools,
• Approval for the
Superintendent to close
schools in the event the
Governor calls a Special
Legislative Session for
presentation and debate of
proposed pension plans.
Strong noted that if the
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Candidates file papers for 2018 May Primary

The following individuals
from Pendleton County
have filled out the required
paperwork and announced
their decision to run for a
public office position in
the 2018 May Primary.
The names of the candi- dates and positions they
are seeking are listed.
• Alan Whaley, Magis- trate District 1, Rep.
• Edwin Quinn, Sheriff,
• Billy Todd Dennie,
Sheriff, Dem.
• Rick Mineer, Magistrate
District 4, Dem.
• Ken Kells, Jailer,
• David S. Fields,
County Judge Executive,
• Darrin W. Gregg,
Magistrate District 3, Rep.
• Bobby Fogle, Magis- trate District 3, Dem.
• Joshua Plummer,
Magistrate District 2, Rep.
• Christopher Thompson,
Magistrate District 3,
This list was provided
by the County Clerk’s
Office and it will be updated
as more people file for

Father shoots his son in foot during argument

By Keith Smith, Reporter
Pendleton County Deputy
Sheriff Cody Fasse
responded to an emergency
call concerning a domestic
dispute on Highway 22 this
past weekend according to
reports from the 911 Emergency
Dispatch Center.
This was not the first
time the Pendleton County
Sheriff Office has had to
respond to the home of
Dennis and Rose Howard,
as the father has a domestic
violence order against his
son, Vernon Howard.
According to reports,
Rose Howard called in that
her husband had shot her
son. The son and his girlfriend
had gotten into an
argument and the son started
to take it out on his dad.
The son was tearing up
the house while dad was
sitting against a wall with a
.22 rifle.
At some point, the dad
shot his son in the foot. He
took the magazine out and
put the gun on the ground
before law enforcement
arrived and there were no
other incidents.
Ray Dowers of the Falmouth
Police Department
responded to assist at the
scene. Pendleton County
EMTs and the Falmouth
Fire Department were also
dispatched as Vernon Howard
was Air Cared to an
area hospital.
The incident is currently
under investigation and
no charges have been filed
on anyone involved at this

Hart seeking re-election as State Representative

Kentucky House of
Representative from the
78th District, Mark Hart,
signed the paperwork to
make it official that he
would be seeking re-election
to his current position.
“It has been an honor
serving all the people of the
78th District. I look forward
to seeing as many of
the voters as I possibly can
over the next year,” said
Representative Hart.
The Pendleton County
native was part of a historic
freshmen class that saw the
Republican party reclaim
control of the House for the
first time in nearly 100
The 78th District serves
Harrison County, Pendleton
County and parts of Scott
“I humbly ask for your
support for another term.
Allow me, a member of the
Majority, to continue to
represent you and be your
voice in Frankfort,” Hart

Falmouth City Council revamping personnel policy of city employees

By Ed Salerno, Reporter
Falmouth City Council,
on the recommendation of
the Personnel Committee,
began the unenviable task
of revamping the entire
personnel policy for the
employees of the City of
Falmouth at its Nov. 20,
2017 special meeting. In
an effort to tackle this project
in a methodical and
thoughtful manner and in
consideration of the
upcoming holiday season,
council began with the section
dealing with holidays.
As reported by City Clerk
Chrissy O’Hara, the report
council had in hand was
the result of the efforts of
the Kentucky League of
Cities (KLC), the Personnel
Committee and O’Hara.
As council agrees to
adopt each section they
must go back to KLC for
their review. As to the
details agreed upon by the
council with regard to holidays,
they included a list
and number of all paid
holidays, overtime as it
relates to holidays, when
one might not get holiday
pay, how much pay each
employee would get for
their holiday and the need
to refer to the details as set
out in the individual
department job descriptions.
Councilwoman April
DeFalco moved to approve
this particular section of
the personnel policy and
was seconded by Councilman
Alex Carson. Council
voted to approve the
As to other business,
council received a copy of
last months budget for
their review and each
department head will also
receive a copy of the budget
for their individual
department. It was noted
that this action, to be completed
each month, had not
been part of council policy
for some two years. In fact
until now, all these numbers
were always a bit
fuzzy for council members
and employees.
Lastly, council
approved the hiring of a
new auditor, Paul Maddox
and Associates to replace
Van Gorder, Walker &
Company. This will save
the city $3,000 to $5,000
per year. Maddox is not
new to the city as his firm
has worked for the city in
the past. That past experience
is most helpful as he
is familiar with all the
computer programs the
city uses.
The meeting was