St. Francis Xavier Fish Fry, March 3

The St. Francis Xavier Knights of Columbus Council invites you to attend the annual parish fish fry. It is held at the St. Francis Xavier Hall located behind the church at 202 W. Second St. in Falmouth. This year’s event runs every Friday from March 3rd through April 7th. Meal service is from 4 to 7:30 p.m. Dine-in or Carry-Out is available. Call ahead at our new Fish Fry Friday number 859-479-9307 and your order will be ready for Carry-Out when you arrive. Proceeds support St. Francis Xavier Church programs and needs as well as charitable works within the community.

Spring roadside cleanup dates

The Pendleton County 109 Board has set the dates of Saturday, April 1 through Sunday May 21 for the spring roadside cleanup. Registration will begin at 7 a.m. on March 1. Gloves, vests, and bags will be provided. Permission slips are required for youth between the ages of 8-17. Permission slips and group forms are available online for your convenience at pcsolidwaste, and also at the solid waste office. If you have any questions please contact Solid Waster Coordinator Billy Steele at 859-654-1000

Free Day At The Landfill

“Free Day” at the landfill is available the second Saturday of every month. You must live in Falmouth/Butler or be a current Pendleton County Rumpke customer. Properly dispose of items free of charge between 7-11 a.m. at the Rumpke landfill on Bryan Griffin Road. For more information, contact Solid Waste Coordinator Billy Steele at 859-654-1000.

Pettit named project coordinator of Champions Coalition

By Ed Salerno, Reporter Mary Pettit was recently selected to fill a new job description with the Pendle- ton County Champions Coalition. This grant-fund- ed position makes her the new Drug Free Communi- ties Project Coordinator. A few years back, Mary Pettit, the wife of Kyle Pet- tit and graduate of George- town University, took a job as an instructional assistant in the preschool program at Northern Elementary School (NES) working with Jane Begley. Pettit attended Ashland University in the upper area of Ohio and graduated with a degree in Child and Family Studies. From there, she worked at St. Elizabeth in Edgewood, Ky. as a Certified Nurses Assistance (CNA) for three years. Pettit decided she was ready for a new chapter in her life and wanted to work directly with children. So after a year in the preschool at Northern Elementary, she moved to the Kindergarten, again as an instructional assistant, working with Laura Caudill. During this time Pettit was contacted by Keith Smith, Pendleton County Athletic Director, to consider coaching the girls fast pitch softball team at Pendleton County High School. While Mary did not graduate from PCHS she was a student in the county and played softball from seventh to eleventh grade. She wound up taking on the coaching position. While still at NES she became aware of the possibility for new work as the drug free communities project coordinator with the community organization known as Champions for a Drug Free Pendleton County Coalition, chaired by Kenna Knight. The Pendleton County Champions for a Drug Free Pendleton County Coalition is a volunteer organization, directed by Matt Compton, who is the Executive Direc- tor of Pupil Personnel/Stu- dent Services in Pendleton County. It was chartered in 2003 as a response to address high youth sub- stance abuse in the county, in particular tobacco and alcohol use among middle and high school youth. From 2003-2007 the coali- tion projects and programs were funded through state allocated dollars and the fis- cal agent for the funding was through the regional prevention center. In 2016 the coalition landed a five year Federal grant from Drug Free Communities. Pettit was interested in this opportunity as she had extensive training in youth substance abuse and prevention while at Ashland University working on her degree. As it turns out, she was hired as Project Coordinator for the Coalition. In this position, her focus will be on youth prevention and education, specifically SMS and PCHS students. Her office is located at Sharp Middle School because the physical agent for the grant is the Pendleton County School District. One of the achievements of the Champions Coalition..See full story @

Council votes to revise Festival Committee

By Ed Salerno, Reporter Discussion was held about the Falmouth Festival Committee and the planning of events by others in the community at the February 14, 2017 regular meeting of Falmouth City Council. Councilwoman April DeFalco wanted to know if the Pendleton County Tourism Council could take on the Fourth of July Celebration. Carson suggested festivals be a coor- dinated effort between businesses, schools and local organizations allow- ing everyone to help with establishing events for the whole community. Car- son stated it would require someone to coordinate the effort though. Falmouth Mayor Elonda Hinson asked Sherry Wilcher, Festival Committee Chair, if she would be interested in assuming the duties of coordinator. This led to an exchange between Welcher and council about the essential purpose behind such festivals. Carson asked Wilcher, “Are we having community festivals or food giveaways?” Welcher responded with a litany of accomplishments at her festivals, with the numbers of free items given out. Carson said, “All that is fine but what can we do to create a committee of representatives from local organizations to put together local festi- vals?” Ernst pointed out that the majority of people he spoke to do not want giveaways, they wanted a family event with booths, fireworks, parades, music, food and marching bands. Councilwoman Amy Hurst asked if it could be a county wide event. Hitch noted to Welcher that they all want to work together to make it better. Carson stated there was no reason the giveaways couldn’t be part of it. Welcher responded by saying, “This is all your opinion.” Councilwoman DeFalco began with a motion wanting city council to work in collaboration with community members. Hitch suggested that they simply needed to revise the Festival Committee. DeFalco restated her motion as Hitch suggested and it was approved. During his report Falmouth Fire Chief David Marquardt requested $1,250 toward the purchase of a $5,000 used Hummer for responding to brush fires. He noted that this vehicle was ideal for the task and sturdy enough to carry the necessary equipment plus the water to fight the fires. Council asked if Fiscal Court ..See full story @