Local business owners express thoughts on being shut down

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the faithful customers of Melinda’s Wholesale Primitives that we have been SHUT DOWN and will no longer be allowed to operate as a normal business in the community. After two years of being open to the public and getting the place established, Pendleton County Planning & Zoning has decided that we violate their rules and guidelines due to being locat- ed in a residential area. They claim that they have received numerous complaints from local residents that ultimately led to this decision. I find it suspicious that nobody ever came to me face to face to voice any displeasure or concerns. As a matter of fact, most everyone has been very supportive. Yes, OUR business is located in a building behind OUR house on OUR property but it’s not like there are tons of people coming and going at all times of the day and night or causing disturbances for neighbors. The customers use OUR personal driveway and it does not effect the people from this area in any way. I guess what really bothers me the most about all of this is trying to figure out why our business is different than the others being operated the same way in the county? I can think of several that use their personal property – home, garage, land, whatever – to operate and conduct business. These places can be found in residential areas and locations not designated as “commercial” but I guess it depends on who it is, where they’re at and what they’re doing. This doesn’t seem fair to me. Typical small town mentality and backwoods politics! I think it’s crazy they waited this long to enforce something that they could have taken care of before we built up our customer base and continued investing in the business to make it suc- cessful. When did Planning & Zoning begin enforcing rules and regulations anyway? Did someone in their offices just wake up one day and say “I think it’s time to make some changes”? I can’t remember this ever happening before! I realize planning and zoning has been an issue for years but I feel like we are the first and only “victims”. The county had an opportunity to change or at least fix these “new” rules and regula- tions during a caucus meeting held by fiscal court but for some reason they chose not to and now here we are. I guess since there’s so much money around here that they just don’t want or need any new businesses in the area, people shopping locally, or the extra revenue that it generates. You would think someone involved in this matter would attempt to help and want to do everything in their power to figure this problem out but unfortunately that is not the case. And how about out “illustrious” economic development in the county? When they came out here the ONLY thing that concerned them was seeing a business sign in an area like Duckers Woods. We certainly can’t have that! No assistance or support from that office – at all! In my opinion, there are just too many chiefs running around here and not enough Indians. All of this is over and finished and there’s nothing I can say or do to fix it at this point. This is a sad and troubling issue with a few people flexing their “muscles” to show they have a little power and pull. I call that a “little man complex.” I do want to thank Magis- trate Gary Veirs for all of his help. He is the only one that went above and beyond to assist us. Gary searched for reasonable solutions that could have accommodated all parties involved. I appreciate everything he has done for us. With our closing will come the loss of many sponsorships we have maintained with individuals, clubs, and organizations, and different causes. Several businesses we worked with will also be losing their revenue from us. There are just too many to list and it adds up to thousands of dollars. We truly apologize and wish it didn’t have to be this way. Our loss has become your loss and we don’t feel this is fair to you. We certainly want to thank the 300+ customers that walked through our doors over the last two years. Your support of us and our business has been very much appreciated. I know you’re probably thinking, “You mean that’s all that came to your business in the last two years?” We never did have any large amounts of people, massive mall crowds or anything quite like that coming here. If you do the math, it actually comes up to less than one customer per day visiting the business. Now that should make you scratch your head and won- der why someone would want to say anything or complain to the county, doesn’t it? Most residential homes see more people than that during a day! I do have some good news for our customers though. We will be having a DAILY garage sale so feel free to stop by anytime you like! Of course, that is until Planning & Zoning starts regulating and making up rules for that too! Watch out for those yard sales because they could be next thing on the list. At least now I don’t have to pay anymore taxes! We appreciate everyone reading this and hope you understand. If you don’t agree with the decision of the county and find it unfair, then by all means, please voice your opinions LOUD- LY to the “powers that be” and let them know what you think! Sincerely, Richard and Melinda Tate

Recreation boys youth basketball registration

Pendleton County Recreation Boys Youth Basketball registration forms went home with each boy at the PC schools in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Forms were also available for 6th grade boys that are not going to be on the sixth grade Sharp traveling team. Forms are also available at http://pendletoncounty. ky.gov/recreationsports/ Pages/Basketball.aspx. Tim King will be the youth director this season. Practices will start the week of October 31 with games starting in November. Weather permitting, games and practices will be finished the Sunday before Christmas.

Community-wide Veterans Day Celebration, Nov. 13

Community-wide Veterans Day Celebration at 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, November 13, 2016 in the gymnasium at Phillip Sharp Middle School. The program will recognize our Veterans as well as showcase the talents of the Pendleton County students. This celebration is being planned cooperatively with Pendleton County Schools, American Legion Post 109, VFW Post 1978, Veterans Support Group and the Disabled American Veterans.   A reception will precede the program at  1:30 p.m. in the cafeteria for all veterans and their spouses/guests. The Veteran’s Day Committee is requesting names of Veterans who are graduates of Pendleton County Schools to be added to the Veteran Perpetual Plaques that are displayed in the auditorium lobby at Pendleton County High School.    If you would like to submit a family member’s name to the list, please send the Veteran’s full name, year of high school graduation from a Pendleton County School, branch of service, and years served to  Barb Brown at the Board of Education office (859-654-6911) or email barb.brown@pendleton.kyschools.us.    Also, if you are a Veteran and would like to submit a picture for the video that will be shown at the Community-wide Celebration, please contact Barb Brown at the telephone number or email address above. The deadline for submission is  Friday, November 4.